Shipping and Delivery

What countries you ship to?

Currently, we ship products only to the United States of America.

Where do you dispatch from?

We ship from Europe. Merchandise sold on our site are of the flawless quality and are made in compliance with all International standards of smokes manufacturing.

What kind of wrapping do you use for dispatching?

Smokes are being shipped in white and discreet pasteboard boxes. Thus, even soft packs arrive to our clients in excellent condition.

What kind of dispatching options do you offer?

At the moment, our site offers only International Air Mail dispatching method as it is the safest shipping method.

How long to wait before I receive my order?

Shipping to United States usually takes 2 - 3 weeks (10-15 business days). Please be warned that the parcel may be delayed in the rare occasions as USPS keeps the right to hold down parcels during the period of 30 days, albeit such incidents are exceedingly rare.

Can shipping address be different from the billing address?

Generally, we mail to the billing address, which is the address, you have used while registering your Credit Card. However, we can make an exception and if you want your order to be mailed to different shipping address - do not be afraid to write to us and we will apply the change in the shipping address.

Will I be able to track my parcel?

In occasion you want to track the movement of your package - do not be afraid to reach our client support, whether will provide the tracking numbers. Tracking numbers can be controlled at in 8 days after you package was mailed.

What if I am not at apartment during the delivery?

If you are not home, United States Postal Service will either put your parcel in the letter-box, or will bring it to one of your family member or will drop a notification, and you will be able to arrange for redelivery or take your package in the post office indicated in the notification.