Can I create an order by telephone or e-mail?

Unfortunately, our online store can't accept telephone or e-mail orders. Orders must be created on our website.

Do I need to pay any payment to register in your online shop?

No, registration is free of charge.

Which payment methods your online store offers?

Our site offers Credit Card payment methods.

What Credit Cards do you accept?

Our Online shop accepts Visa. Our online Store also accepts pre-paid Visa if it has CVV code on its back side.

Is there any other charges, besides the sum displayed on your site?

No, there are not. We do not take any extra payments. Please notice that International Transaction Fee in the sum of 1 or 2 % of your order may be withdrawn by your bank, for the payment processing.

What is the minimum number of blocks available for order?

The minimum number of cartons available for order is 2. When you are shopping, please take into consideration that 1 unit consists of 2 cartons. Consequently, if you, for instance, want to purchase 4 cartons, you must indicate 2, not 4, in the "Amount" field in your shopping cart.

What is the maximum amount of cartons available for buying?

You can order up to 36 blocks, though, please note that our store will dispatch only 12 cartons per week to one shipping address. Thus, if you purchase 26 cartons they will be shipped in the course of three weeks.

Will I receive a confirmation of my purchase via e-mail?

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order. In case you do not receive confirmation right away, it can either be in your spam folder (as confirmations are being sent out automatically) or it will arrive to you during one hour after creating your order. In case the confirmation of your order does not arrive to you during an hour and will not be in your spam folder - please do not afraid to contact us to make certain that your order is accepted.

Are your smokes FSC?

No, our cigarettes are not FSC.

Does the quality and taste of the European made cigarettes match to the quality and taste of the American-made smokes?

Cigarettes that we sell are of the flawless quality and are produced according to the highest standards of cigarettes manufacturing. The grade of the European cigarettes is absolutely the same as the quality of the American ones. The taste of the 99% of the brands is also similar. There are just a couple of brands, the flavor of which can be slightly different due to the different percentage of tobacco mixture used in the manufacturing. Though, their quality is the similar as in US-made brands.

Can I resell smokes, ordered on your site?

Absolutely not. We are a retail magazine and we sell cigarettes only for private use. Besides, the reselling of the cigarettes is banned in the US.