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Wont Cigarette Brand

Wont History

Wont cigarettes are manufactured by Tutun CTC Ldt, the biggest cigarettes manufacturer on Eastern European market. Tutun CTC Ldt was founded in 1924 and since that has considerably expanded due to the successful marketing campaigns, excellent quality of the products and introduction of the new technologies in the manufacturing process. Wont cigarettes buy online are the perfect example of brand made according to all international standards, but in compliance with the old traditions of tobacco manufacturing. This company specializes on unusual brands, which are not manufactured by other companies. It produces strong filtered or non-filtered cigarettes. For instance, if you buy Wont cigarettes you can certainly sense the strength and rich taste of the fine-cut tobacco.

Wont Marketing

Although this brand has appeared on the market quite recently, it already has a great amount of connoisseurs, who like modern and concise design of these cigarettes’ packs and the flavor itself. People buy Wont cigs not only due to the fact that they are of excellent quality, but also because it will help to save a lot of funds. Generally, cigarettes of such quality cost a lot more, but thanks to the availability of cheap work force, Wont cigarettes isn’t expensive enough to burn a considerable hole in your budget. Wont cigarettes can be found in European retail stores as well as online stores. If you decide to buy Wont cigarettes – you will not regret, they are an ideal mix of quality and price.

Wont Varieties

Currently, one can buy Wont cigarettes of various type. However, the most popular three are: Wont Red 0.8, Wont Blue 0.6 with 8 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine. If you prefer to smoke light cigarettes, you can order Wont cigarettes of Silver type that have 4 mg of tar and 0.4 mg of nicotine.

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