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West Cigarette Brand

West History

The manufacturer of West cigarettes is Germany-based tobacco giant Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken G. M. B. H. This rand was launched back in 1981 and quickly got recognition as elite brand. Originally, these smokes were offered in high-class stores only. People could buy West cigs for a lot of funds. However, with the introduction of the new technologies cigarettes became more and more affordable. At the very end of the 20th century people of various social standing could afford to buy West cigarettes. Due to the reduction in price the popularity of the rand spread throughout the Europe.

West Marketing

These cigarettes are made of the fine-cut tobacco and include 4 different tobacco blends; however the basis is Virginia tobacco. Smokers buy West cigarettes for the combination of outstanding quality, affordable price and marvelous filter. You can order West cigarettes in our store to see if this brand is for you. It has both light and strong types. West cigarettes buy online in our store will be delivered to you quickly and without problems. Besides, if you order West cigarettes from us you will get the best deal on the market.

West Varieties

One can buy West cigarettes of the following types: West Compact Red with tar 7 mg and nicotine 0.6 mg, West Fusion Black with tar 6 mg and nicotine with 0.6 mg, West Fusion Silver with tar 3 mg and nicotine 0.3 mg.

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