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Temp Cigarette Brand

Temp History

Temp cigarettes are manufactured by Tutun CTC Ldt. This company is located in Europe and was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. The success of the company is due to the affordable work force and low taxes, imposed by the government on tobacco manufacturing, as well as the application of the new technologies. Another advantage of Tutun CTC Ldt is that this tobacco manufacturer produces unusual types of cigarettes, which are hard to find elsewhere. Tutun CTC Ldt specializes on strong cigarettes, where they are non-filter or not. In fact, this company offers the widest selection of non-filter cigarettes in Europe.

Temp Marketing

Temp cigarettes buy online are among the most famous brands, manufactured by this company. People buy Temp cigs for their exquisite quality and low price tag. These are quite strong cigarettes, but you will save a lot if you buy Temp cigarettes, as they cost much less than Chesterfield and Richmond, which have practically the same taste. It’s worth to mention that due to their strength Temp cigarettes are generally oriented on men, not women. Therefore men are mostly the ones who buy Temp cigarettes.

Temp Varieties

At the moment you can order Temp cigarettes of two types: Classic Temp with 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine and Temp Export cigarettes. If you order Temp cigarettes in our store you will get best prices on the market, quick delivery and product of the premium quality.

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