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Prima Cigarette Brand

Prima History

Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH is the producer of Prima Lux cigarettes. The headquarters of the company are located in Germany. Currently, Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH is considered one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Europe. Company was founded a century ago in Germany and now is well-known for such brands as West, Davidoff and Prima Lux cigarettes buy online.

Prima Marketing

Due to the company’s determination to apply all the available innovations in the cigarettes manufacturing process, it managed to produce cigarettes of great quality for budget class. People buy Prima Lux cigarettes because they are qualitative and affordable. Moreover, there is a great amount of Prima Luz brands, so every smoker will be able to buy Prima Luх cigs for his/her taste. These cigarettes are very popular in Europe and especially in Asia. In you buy Prima lux in our store, you will get the best deal on the market and the highest quality of the product.

Prima Varieties

At the moment one can order Prima Lux cigarettes of various types: Prima Lux Red with 12 mg of tar and 0.9 mg of nicotine, Prima Lux Blue with 8 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine, Prima Lux Gold with 4 mg of tar and 0.4 mg of nicotine, and Prima Lux Silver with 2 mg of tar and 0.2 mg of nicotine. Those who prefer 100’s cigarettes can order Prima Lux cigarettes of slims type, such as Prima Lux Slims Selection nr. 4 with 4 mg of tar and 0.4 mg of nicotine and Prima Lux Slims Selection nr. 6 with 6 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine.

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