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Plugarul Cigarette Brand

Plugarul History

The producer of Plugarul cigarettes is Tutun CTC Ldt. This company was founded in 1924 and since that time has expanded considerably, conquering the markets of Europe and Asia. Tutun CTC Ldt is widely known for its production of unconventional types of cigarettes, absent among the products, manufactured by other tobacco companies. This company has managed not only to stay afloat over the span of almost a century, but also to expand – all thanks to low taxes imposed by the government on tobacco manufacturing and a lot of cheap work force. Tutun CTC Ldt always strives to go with the times, therefore it applies new methods and technologies in its manufacture process in order for its products to meet all international standards.

Plugarul Marketing

Plugarul cigarettes buy online can be considered one of the strongest brands, produced by Tutun CTC Ldt. Their strength can be compared with that of Belomorkanal. However you can buy Plugarul cigs if you wish to try and see if it is suitable for you. People buy Plugarul cigarettes for the highest quality of its fine-cut tobacco. It is pure, without any additives and therefore proved rich flavor. These cigarettes are, naturally, men-oriented; therefore men are the ones who predominantly buy Plugarul cigarettes.

Plugarul Varieties

The name of the cigarettes “Plugarul” means “ploughman” in Romanian language. These are indeed cigarettes for real hard-working men. Currently, one can order Plugarul cigarettes of one type. They come in soft pack and have 13 mg of tar and 1,7 mg of nicotine. If you order Plugarul cigarettes from us, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best deal on the market, as we almost always have special on it.

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