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Plai Cigarette Brand

Plai History

Eastern-European tobacco giant Tutun CTC Ldt Plai is the manufacturer of Plai cigarettes. This company has been established a century ago and is known across Europe and Asia as a manufacturer of affordable and high quality cigarettes. Due to the benefit of low taxes, imposed by the government on the cigarettes manufacturing as well as the abundance of qualitative work force, Tutun CTC Ldt has managed to conquer European market quite quickly, especially the segment of non-filter cigarettes and soft-pack cigarettes.

Plai Marketing

Plai cigarettes buy online are cigarettes of the considerable strength that are loved and cherished by smokers in Europe and Asia. This brand comes in soft packs with modest, but elegant design. “Plai” means “Homelnd” in Romanian and these cigarettes can certainly remind you of the sun lit mountains of rural Europe. People buy Plai cigs to enjoy its fine cut tobacco of Burley blend that gives Plai cigs the unique flavor, incomparable to any other brand. People who like strong cigarettes, but find non-filter cigarettes to be uncomfortable to hold, buy Plai cigarettes to enjoy the real flavor of qualitative tobacco. Due to the fact that this brand is male oriented, men are primarily those who buy Plai cigarettes.

Plai Varieties

At the moment you can order Plai cigarettes of only one type. Plai cigarettes have brown filters and come in soft packs. As it was mentioned before – these are strong cigarettes with 10 mg of tar and 0,8 mg of nicotine. If you order Plai cigarettes in our online cigarette store – you will receive qualitative cigarettes, fast delivery and best deal on the market.

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