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Leana Cigarette Brand

Leana History

The manufacturer of non-filter Leana cigarettes is a well-known European-based giant Tutun CTC Ldt, established in 1924 and located in Eastern Europe. Given that due to the modern regulations there remain fewer and fewer non-filter cigarettes on the market, Leana cigarettes are a pleasant addition to available collection of non-filter brands. Just as the majority of other non-filter brands, Leana cigarettes buy online, are quite strong and can be compared to Nistru, Plugarul, Prima non-filter and Astru, which are also manufactured by Tutun CTC Ldt. Due to the fact that the company has an abundance of cheap work force and the taxes on cigarettes are quite low, all cigarettes, manufactured by Tutun CTC Ldt are quite affordable.

Leana Marketing

If you buy Leana cigs you can be sure that you’re buying one of the best brands of non-filter cigarettes on the market. Low cost doesn’t mean that Leana are of bad quality, in fact they are one of the most qualitative cigarettes brands and can easily be compared with such expensive and well-known brands as Camel non-filter and Lucky Strike non-filter. If you order Leana cigarettes in our online cigarettes shop you will get excellent product, best price on the market, fast delivery and assistance of the helpful customer service.

Leana Varieties

Currently, one can buy Leana cigarettes of only one type– Leana non-filer. These cigarettes are 70 mm long and have 13 mg of tar and 1.1 mg of nicotine. These cigarettes are very strong, as it was mentioned before, therefore, they will be good fit to those, who are accustomed to smoking strong non-filter brands. Nevertheless, you can order Leana cigarettes just to try them out and see if you like them. These cigarettes are especially loved by senior citizens and if you have a grandfather, who loves non-filter cigarettes you can buy Leana cigarettes for him and make his day.

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