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Glamour Cigarette Brand

Glamour History

Glamour cigarettes are manufactured by British American Tobacco, established in 1902. Since its foundation, company has released a great multitude of brands and Glamour cigarettes are one of the new and best additions.This brand is without a doubt women-oriented. Glamour cigarettes buy online in our online cigarette store and enjoy the best deals on the market.

Glamour Marketing

The slim and beautiful design of Glamour cigarettes make them uniquely suitable for women. Moreover, British American Tobacco has created new design of the packs that now resemble lipstick. If you decide to order Glamour cigarettes you will have a rich choice. Women usually buy Glamour cigarettes for their exquisite flavor, great variety of type and unique design. New packs, for example, can easily fit into a clutch. Currently this brand has conquered both European and US market and people buy Glamour cigarettes more and more, as it slowly becomes an element of style.

Glamour Varieties

You can order Glamour cigarettes of such types as: menthol Glamour - Glamour Superslims Menthol with 3 mg of tar and 0.3 mg of nicotine and Glamour Superslims Menthol Aroma; Glamour lights - Glamour Superslims Amber light cigarettes with 1 mg of tar and 0.2 mg of nicotine, and moderate strength types - Glamour Superslims Lilac with 5 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine and Glamour Superslims Azzure. If you buy Glamour cigs on our web site, you will be able to take advantage of the affordable prices, highest quality and, certainly, fast delivery!

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