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Galaxy Cigarette Brand

Galaxy History

One of the largest manufacturers in Europe Tutun CTC was established at the beginning of the 20-th century. The main market of the company is Central and Eastern Europe. Galaxy cigarettes buy online in our online cigarette store are among the cigarettes of the highest quality manufactured by this company. Since its foundation, Tutun CTC Company Ldt took upon itself to apply all the innovations in its manufacturing process. Besides, the tobacco blends that are used in Galaxy cigarettes are top-shelf. Company imports tobacco from Brazil, Argentina, Greece and other countries with climates, suitable for growing tobacco of the finest quality.

Galaxy Marketing

If you intend to buy Galaxy cigarettes you should know that they are positioned as cigarettes of the budget class not due to their drawbacks in quality, but because their price is affordable practically to everyone. People buy Galaxy cigs because they are affordable and highly qualitative. These cigarettes are made of the fine-cut tobacco or the orient and Virginia blend, which adds a subtle spicy note to the flavor. In case you like cigarettes with exotic flavors you should definitely order Galaxy cigarettes. Despite the fact that Galaxy cigarettes are rather strong, you won't feel any bad aftertaste because of the qualitative filter that helps to remove the greater part of harmful substances.

Galaxy Varieties

In case you make up your mind to buy Galaxy cigarettes in our store, you should know that you will get the best offer on the market, highest quality and fast delivery. At the moment you can order Galaxy cigarettes of three types: the strongest Galaxy Astatium with 10 mg of tar and 1 mg of nicotine, a lighter version Galaxy Argentium with 8 mg of tar and 0.6 mg of nicotine and the moderate strength version - Galaxy Aurum with 9 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine.

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