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Fenix Cigarette Brand

Fenix History

The manufacturer of Fenix cigarettes buy online is the well-known European tobacco giant Tutun CTC Ldt. This company, established at the beginning of the 20th century has proven itself to be a competitive and efficient player on the cigarette market. The combination of traditional values in tobacco manufacturing and new technologies, have proven to be the recipe of successful tobacco manufacturing and Fenix cigarettes are a great example.

Fenix Marketing

People buy Fenix cigs for their unique tobacco blend. Made without any additives, these cigarettes contain only premium tobacco, collected on the sun-lit hill sides of Greece, Argentina and Brazil. At the moment there remain only few brands of non-filter cigarettes and it is a great problem for those who prefer non-filter cigs. Therefore Fenix cigarettes, which can be compared to Lucky Strike and Camel in quality, make a perfect gift for someone who likes non-filter cigarettes with rich and pleasant flavor. You can buy Fenix cigarettes for a modest sum and there are always discounts. So if you intend to buy Fenix cigarettes it’s worth to order Fenix cigarettes online in our store, as it will allow you to take advantage of low price, great customer service and fast delivery.

Fenix Varieties

Currently, you can order Fenix cigarettes of one type, but in the future company is planning on expanding the brand and adding new types. Fenix non-filter cigarettes contain 13 mg of tar and 1.1 mg of nicotine.

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