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Donskoy Tabak Cigarette Brand

Donskoy Tabak History

"Donskoy Tabak" is a Russian-based tobacco company, established by Asmolov in 1857. Present owner of the company, who goes by the name Savvidi, started working at the company at the lowest-paid job, but was quickly promoted and became the head of the department. After the privatization of the company in the early 2000's he slowly bought the main part of stock and became the executive director of the company.

Donskoy Tabak Marketing

Donskoy Tabak cigarettes buy online in our store in order to truly appreciate the quality and rich taste of this brand. Initially one could buy Donskoy Tabak cigarettes only in non-filter form, however, with the flow of time Savvidi understood the importance of the innovations' introduction. Therefore currently you can buy Donskoy Tabak cigarettes of the various types. There were added a couple of new brands and the price dropped as the newly introduced technologies allowed for the faster and cheaper production.

Donskoy Tabak Varieties

If you're planning to order Donskoy Tabak cigarettes you need to be aware that these are quite strong cigarettes. These may very well be the strongest cigarettes you'll ever smoke, as they contain 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine. At the moment one may order Donskoy Tabak cigarettes in two types, both of which are filtered: strong version Donskoy Tabak Dark, and Donskoy Tabak Lights - lighter version that contains 9 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine. If you buy Donskoy Tabak cigs from our online cigarette store you will receive best deal on the market, highest quality and quick delivery!

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