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Cigaronne Cigarette Brand

Cigaronne History

Cigaronne cigarettes are manufactured by Cigaronne Co that as established 15 years ago.In two years after its foundation, Cigaronne Co received ISO9001:2000 certificate of quality. People buy Cigaronne cigarettes worldwide and this brand became the most popular and beloved in many countries. Cigaronne cigarettes buy online on our web site, we offer the best prices on this brand on the market. These cigarettes provide nice and smooth smoking experience, without any bitter or earthy aftertaste. When you order Cigaronne cigarettes you can be absolutely sure that you’re getting the best this company can offer. These cigarettes are made of 12 different tobacco blends, mixed together for the acquisition of the best flavor. The main tobacco blend in cigarettes is Virginia which is also used in manufacturing such brands as Marlboro.

Cigaronne Marketing

There is one more surprise that awaits you if you buy Cigaronne cigs and that is their filter. This filter is dense and solid, made according the latest innovations to protect you from the harmful substances. These cigarettes are very popular throughout Europe and are manufactured in compliance with all international standards. People buy Cigaronne cigarettes because of their smooth taste and affordable price.

Cigaronne Varieties

You can order Cigaronne cigarettes in different types, usually in 120 mm length: Cigaronne Exclusive Black - the strongest type with 10 mg of tart and 0.8 mg of nicotine, Cigaronne Exclusive Black Slims version of the strong type mentioned before, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini Black – 92 mm cigarettes of this type, but they come in regular girth, Cigaronne Exclusive Mini White – lighter cigarettes of King size.

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