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Winston Cigarette Brand

Winston History

Winston smokes are produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. Winston brand was launched in 1960’s and quickly got the love and recognition of true cigarettes connoisseurs. During the next 20 years Winston’s popularity grew up immensely because they were truly qualitative and people could afford to buy Winston cigarettes on a daily basis. The brand also had a great slogan, which sounded as: "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should". At the beginning of 2000's Winston became the 6th most sold brand worldwide.

Winston Marketing

Popularity of Winston cigarettes has spread throughout Europe; therefore people nowadays are well-acquainted with this brand and buy Winston cigarettes, knowing they’re choosing the best. Winston cigarettes are made of high quality fine-cut tobacco, which company purchases from the countries with warmer climate, such as Brazil, Argentina and Turkey. Winston cigarettes buy online in our store come in elegantly design pack, easy to use, which only stresses the modernized process of these cigarettes' manufacturing. Winston brand has gone through rebranding several times. Therefore the design of the packs is impeccable as the quality of cigarettes themselves, as you may check yourself if you buy Winston cigs in our store.

Winston Varieties

Currently you can order Winston cigarettes of great variety, from very strong ones to light ones. Among the strongest are: Winston Classic with tar 10 mg and nicotine 0.8 mg and Winston Blue with tar 8 mg and nicotine 0.6 mg. One may also order Winston cigarettes of very small content of tar and nicotine. For example: Winston White contains only 1 mg of tar and 0.1 mg of nicotine.

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