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Low Cost Richmond Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Richmond cigarettes are made by a Great Britain-based Imperial Tobacco Group plc. This international concern was established in 1901 and has main office in Bristol, United Kingdom. Imperial Tobacco Group plc is known internationally for its manufacturing of such titles as Gauloises, Gitanes and John Player & Sons. Nowadays, this firm is recognized one of the widest cigarette manufacturers in the world and has branches in a great amount of countries.

Richmond cigs are positioned as cigarettes of the VIP class; thus the value on them is appropriate. These cigs are excellent from the best tobacco blend, use for their manufacture till the packaging itself, which looks pretty grandly. Richmond smokes are brown, but have light beige filter, with golden band splitting it from the rest of the cigarette. These are the cigarettes you might want to carry with you when you go to an significant meeting, where you'll need to display that you're strong person with excellent taste and safe person.

Nowadays one can order Richmond cigs of three titles: Richmond Superslim Cherry - 90 mm cigarettes of mean strength (5 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine), that are packed in dark red packages with golden title on them. Richmond Superslim Cherry has less girth than usual King Size cigarettes and is more oriented on females; Richmond Cherry - king size smokes of proper strength with 8 mg of tar and 0.7 mg of nicotine, sold in dark green boxes with golden legends and crowned lion on them, and, finally Richmond Cherry Gold - also king size smokes that are a bit milder with 6 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine, packaged in dark red packs with golden title of the brand written on them.