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Low Cost Parliament Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Made by Philip Morris, Parliament smokes first appeared on the market at the beginning of the 1940's. From the very beginning they began to be advertised as luxurious smokes for the high class. Class of the smokes and their design was, clearly, impeccable; nevertheless it wasn't the only subject that allowed this brand to conquer the market so fast. Parliament cigarettes became a hit with the smoke lovers when a new filter was introduced. It was manufactured of recessed paper and was advertised under the slogan "Only flavor touches your lips".

After the campaign and much praise from the cigarette lovers it was only a question of time before Parliament smokes were considered a must in the cigarette cases of the wealthy gentlemen. Brand quickly distributed across Europe, US and Asia and today, notwithstanding the brand doesn't have the former popularity; it still has its portion of lovers.

Amazingly, Parliament cigs found their target audience in Russia, which is the main importer of Parliament brand at the moment. Despite the fact that the maker has made a lot of variations in the original tobacco blend mix and design of the packs, Parliament cigs have managed to uphold their excellent quality. That is why, you can buy Parliament cigs of any type now and still be 100% sure that they will be worth every buck you've spent on them.

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