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Low Cost Nistru Unfiltered Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Nistru cigs are produced by Tutun CTC Ldt, popular smokes producing company in Eastern Europe. This company, opened in 1924 has received high popularity and appreciation not only from the local cigarette admirers, but from the customers of the integral Europe. Tutun CTC Ldt is one of the fewest concerns, still manufacturing non-filter cigarettes of flawless quality. Small taxes and cheap labor force allow Tutun CTC Ldt to keep highest standards of quality without elevating the prices.

Nistru title is one of the non-filter cigarette brands produced by this concern. Smokes were denominated after the stream Dniester ("Nistru" in Romanian), which flows on the right side of the country parting the territory of Transnistria. These are very heavy, manly smokes for rather narrow segment of smokers. Nistru cigs are produced of qualitative Orient tobacco blend, cultivated natively, on the sunlit hills of Europe.

It's worth to mention that Nistru smokes have a bit of a spicy blend due to the above mentioned tobacco blend, however if you determine to buy Nistru smokes, you will be 100% assured that these smokes do not keep any adjuncts, substantially they are made in the best traditions of tobacco making, where a cigarette constitutes of a fine cut tobacco and wrapping paper.