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Low Cost Kiss Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Kiss smokes are produced by Great Britain-based Innovation Tobacco Company, which was created just recently, in April 2004. Despite of its recent apparition in the market of smokes manufacturing, this firm has managed to employ all the accessible technological advantages to the producing process. In less than ten years, Innovation Tobacco Company could conquer pretty wide segment of market of cigarettes for women.

Kiss title, which emerged a couple of years ago, instantly received popularity amid females do its refined taste, beautiful and elegant packs and surely due to the class of the smokes themselves. Kiss cigs are sold as budget ones, nevertheless it does not reverberate on their quality. Elegant packs of different colors can satisfy the request of the most pretentious female cigarette amateurs. More importantly, you can find divers tastes of these, nicely and romantically named cigs.

Today you can purchase Kiss smokes of the succeeding titles: Kiss Energy Superslims 100's cigarettes of middle strength with 5 mg of tar and 0.5 mg of nicotine, Kiss Fresh Apple Superslims 100's cigs with fruity notes, which are rather enjoyable for smoking, they contain the same sum of tar and nicotine, Kiss Romantic Superslims 100's smokes are packaged in elegant packs of white and violet color, which will surely get one in the romantic tune, Kiss Strawberry Superslims 100's with sweet strawberry taste - they will be appropriate for all the ladies, which have sweet tooth, Kiss Dream Superslims 100's cigarettes, containing the same quantity of tar and nicotine, which are packaged in dreamy rose and violet packages, and, in the end Kiss Menthol Superslims 100's, for those who prefer to feel menthol tobacco taste in their cigarettes.