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Low Cost Doina Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

One of the oldest and famous smoke titles made by Tutun CTC Company Ldt is certainly Doina. These smokes have been made since the start of the Tutun CTC Company Ldt at the beginning of the 20th century. Since that time this brand gained large acclaim inter amateurs of strong tobacco and conquered the budget cigarette market due to their affordable value and excellent quality.

For the recent decades, Tutun CTC Company Ldt has brought the making of all the cigs brands to the highest level of International standards of tobacco making. This certain brand gone through a lot of shifts and now is capable to propose hard and flourish cigs of the highest quality in diverse sizes and packs. In Soviet era, people traveled to Europe just to get this brand of cigs in bulk. With the flow of time it became well known even in US. The very name of these cigs designates a type of folklore song "Doina", which is well known in Romania.

Nowadays, Doina smokes are available in hard and soft packs, depending on your taste. One can buy Doina cigarettes of the following types: Doina King Size 88 mm smokes with 15 mg of tar and 1.2 mg of nicotine, Doina Lux Premium - nutty brown paper wrapped smokes, which remind small cigars, they are a bit softer and have 12 mg of tar and 1.0 mg of nicotine, and certainly you can order Doina Soft, in soft packs, which are just as strong as Doina King Size.