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Doina Cigarette Brand

Doina History

Doina cigarettes are one of the earliest cigarette brands, launched by Tutun CTC Company Ldt, large tobacco manufacturer based in Europe. People from Eastern and Central Europe buy Doina cigarettes for its high quality and low price. Doina cigarettes buy online in our store and you will be pleasantly surprised with the prices. We frequently offer specials on Doina cigarettes. These cigarettes are an ideal choice for those, who love strong cigarettes with rich taste. The flavor of Doina cigarettes is similar to Camel Non-Filter, therefore people who want quality, but don't want to spend a fortune on it buy Doina cigs.

Doina Marketing

With a flow of time Tutun CTC became a well-respected, large tobacco manufacturer, which applied all the innovations, available in tobacco manufacturing. That is why people all over Europe buy Doina cigarettes and other brands, manufactured by this company. Doina cigarettes underwent re-branding not so long ago and now possess much more modern design of the packs and contain top-shelf filters, which prevent harmful substances from reaching your lungs.

Doina Varieties

You can order Doina cigarettes of various types. Now, there are hard and soft packs depending on your taste. There are strong types of Doina in soft and hard packs - Doina Soft and Doina King Size correspondingly. Doina King Size cigarettes contain 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine. You can also order Doina cigarettes of the Lux type: Doina Lux Premium – fascinating cigarettes, which look like cigarillos.

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