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Cosmos Cigarette Brand

Cosmos History

Tutun CTC Company Ldt is the manufacturer of Cosmos cigarettes. This is one of the major tobacco plants in Europe, providing a lot of East and Central European countries with qualitative tobacco products. One of the popular brands of cigarettes, manufactured by Tutun CTC, are Cosmos cigarettes buy online in our cigarette shop. It has to be noted that Cosmos cigarettes are quite strong and ill suit best those, who prefer full rich flavors of cigarettes. Therefore, if you buy Cosmos cigs, you should know that you're getting the best strong cigarettes from the economy group on the European market

Cosmos Marketing

Cosmos cigarettes are made of the fine-cut tobacco and provide smooth and pleasant smoking sessions. When you order Cosmos cigarettes you need to remember that they are made of the most popular Virginia tobacco blend, which the manufacturer purchases from the countries with warm climate, where the tobacco is grown of the sunlit hills. People from Eastern Europe and Russia order Cosmos cigarettes a lot, because this brand is qualitative, affordable and you will not lose a fortune on it.

Cosmos Varieties

As in case of many strong and affordable cigarettes there aren't many versions of Cosmos. You can buy Cosmos cigarettes of just one type. Despite that fact that the majority of strong cigarettes don't have filters and are oriented for non-filter smokers, Cosmos have filters. You can buy Cosmos cigarettes which contain 10 mg of tar and 0.8 mg of nicotine in our online cigarettes store.

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