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Low Cost Camel Tobacco Cigarettes - History And Brand Reviews

Most likely each man has seen or at least heard of one of the most popular, if not legendary smoke brands - Camel. Its symbol is acknowledged worldwide and is a guarantee of best class and fair cost. The producer of the Camel cigarettes, R.J Reynolds, launched the manufacturing of this brand in 1913.

These cigs were met with great thrill as they were the first packed smokes in the time when smokers usually rolled tobacco by themselves. To conquer the market, R.J Reynolds made a clever mover and sold his product at very low rates, tremendously boosting the popularity of the brand, which he managed to vend for the sum of $ 425 000 000 in the first year. Besides the low cigarette prices, company also used unique mixes of Virginia tobacco and Turkish blend.

Interestingly, Camel cigarettes were initially promoted as gentle and proper to this fact they have obtained great client pool of those cigarette-lovers, who did not appeal strong flavors of other brands. When the brand was just started, the unfiltered Camels were also pretty mild and were called Camel Regular. Presently, you can order cheapest Camel cigarettes of diverse length, flavor and girth; it's the second popular cigarette brand in the world which includes such names as:

  • Camel Filters
  • Camel Blue
  • Camel Silver
  • Camel Black
  • Camel White